• Sexual Harassment by co-employee; several complaints to management.  No corrective action taken; culminating in a sexual battery.  Severe emotional distress damages.

  • Plaintiff was employed for 25 years as an engineer with a large national company.  He alleged he was terminated in retaliation for the prior filing of a workers compensation claim and a DFEH complaint.  The company alleged he was terminated for performance issues.

  • A 10 year employee alleged she was wrongfully terminated after she provided adverse testimony relating to an internal investigation involving the company C.E.O. for alleged unlawful conduct.

  • Sexual Harassment; female employee allege that owner of small business forced her to have sex in his office after a business lunch that included excessive alcohol consumption.  The defendant denied the incident ever happened.

  • Single Plaintiff sexual harassment case.  Plaintiff alleged her supervisor forced her to have sex at a motel then threatened to tell her husband if she refused him sex in the future.  The relationship continued for several years before Plaintiff complained to H/R.

  • A 10 year employee of a national retail store alleged he was terminated in retaliation for filing a workers compensation claim several months earlier.  The company asserted the Plaintiff was fired for sleeping on the job which was captured several times on video.

  • A 22 year employee with a national retail chain was terminated for posting favorable reviews as an alleged customer.  This was against the company’s written policies.  Plaintiff contended the real reason for termination was due to the fact that he was homosexual.
    Female employee alleged sexual harassment by her male superior.  Inappropriate conduct included: invites to dinner; comments about breasts; sending nude photos; sex filled texts; talk of sex life, etc.

  • 32 year employee of a private sports/event facility alleged his age (65) was a motivating factor in the decision to terminate him.  Plaintiff also alleged he was improperly misclassified as an exempt employee thereby giving rise to wage/hour claims.
    Former long term employee of international airline carrier alleged she was terminated in retaliation for filing of worker’s compensation claim and requesting a brief leave of absence.\

  • Sexual Harassment/Retaliation claim asserted by a young female employee against a large national Big Box Retailer; inappropriate touching and comments made by Plaintiff’s supervisor supported by several co-employee witnesses.  Plaintiff terminated several months after complaint to HR.

  • Age discrimination; wrongful termination.  77 year old employee terminated from job of 10 years for alleged performance issues.  No prior written warnings from management.  Alleged age related comments made by supervisor.
    Employee alleged he was terminated in retaliation for testifying against the company in a legal suit brought by a former employee.

  • Highly compensated Medical Director alleged he was terminated by Defendant Hospital for voicing complaints regarding patient safety and regulatory violations.

  • Maintenance Manager at a large manufacturing facility alleged he was terminated for exposing health/safety problems in the workplace.

  • Alleged retaliation for reporting sexual harassment. Defendant Company terminated employee for failure to properly respond to a medical emergency call. Plaintiff was employed as an Emergency Medical Technician. Plaintiff alleged the true reason for her termination was due to her prior complaints of sexual harassment against a coworker.

  • While out on a medical leave, Plaintiff makes initial complaint of sexual harassment. Company investigates. Concludes supervisor/harasser acted improperly. Supervisor transferred to store in Northern California. Plaintiff returns to work 10 months later. Claims hostile work environment and quits.

  • Perceived sexual orientation harassment. Female supervisor alleged to have made numerous offensive comments to a male subordinate believing him to be gay. After complaining to management, Plaintiff was terminated for having a consensual relationship with a married female employee.

  • A recruitment representative for a large private college alleged she was let go due to prior complaints of sexual discrimination. The employer contends it let her go because of a verbal confrontation with a client.

  • Male employee complains about sexual harassment he observed being perpetrated by a co-employee. Shortly thereafter, Plaintiff was alleged to have violated company policy by confronting a customer in the parking lot about a possible shoplifting allegation. Employee terminated. Plaintiff alleged the termination was in retaliation for making the third party sexual harassment complaint.

  • Sexual harassment complaints rendered by several residents at an assisted living facility operated by a governmental agency. Terminated employee alleged any sexual contact was consensual.


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