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  • In house sales representative with national computer parts wholesale company claimed misclassification under the Administrative Exemption.  Both State and Federal laws and regulations were at issue.

  • Was individual hired to set-up and operate a health food station at a grocery store location an employee or independent contractor?

  • Food and beverage director at large public golf course alleged misclassification as exempt employee based on duties/tasks performed.

  • Alleged misclassification as an independent contractor by a national pet food company. Plaintiff was engaged to promote and set-up dog competitions/shows on behalf of Defendant. Misclassifications and “on-call” issues.

  • Plaintiff was an “account executive” with a start-up tech company that provided a web-based platform for putting together homeowners and home improvement contractors. Plaintiff was classified as exempt (administrative exemption). Plaintiff alleged, however, that her primary duties involved the solicitation and selling of advertisements for the site.

  • Plaintiff was a foreman for a manufacturing facility. He was paid a salary and classified as an exempt (executive and/or administrative) employee. Based on the “duties” test, Plaintiff alleged he was misclassified and asserted claims for overtime, meal/rest and related PAGA penalties.

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