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  • Kitchen Manager at a popular chain restaurant claimed he performed non-exempt tasks more than 50% of his working shift and therefore was improperly classified as an exempt employee.  Plaintiff sought overtime wages and related penalties.

  • Long term employee who was in charge of company I.T. Department alleged he was misclassified as an independent contractor.  Claims included overtime, meal/rest, PAGA Penalties.  The Company Contended under the Dynamex decision (ABC Test) the Plaintiff was properly classified as an independent contractor.

  • Employee of start-up Tech Company alleged she worked overtime but was only paid at her regular rate.  Documents produced in discovery established that O/T was paid in cash at regular rate and not reflected in her itemized wage statements resulting in a 226 violation also.

  • Engineering firm. Failure to pay for all hours worked. Plaintiff contended his time sheets were altered and he was systematically paid less than actual hours worked.

  • Domestic Worker Bill of Rights (L.C. §1450 et al.) matter. Plaintiff alleged her written agreement to serve as a full-time caretaker for Defendant violated California Law.

  • Equal Pay Act. Female employee with statewide sales company alleged male employees were provided enhanced pay/commissions structures unrelated to performance.

  • Action by Department of Labor (DOL) brought on behalf of an immigrant in-house domestic service worker against her wealthy employer. Plaintiff alleged various wage/hour violations stemming from her 15 hours per day work requirements. Issues included minimum wage, overtime, meal/rest and off-the-clock issues.

  • Equal Pay Act. Long term female employed by an Orange County City alleged she was being paid substantially less than three other male employees holding the same job title and performing substantially similar tasks.

  • Off-the-clock. Plaintiff alleged he was required to wait in long lines to clock in and out at a large manufacturing facility and that his wait time in security lines should be compensated.

  • Defendant Company operated several local discount markets and employed the Plaintiff to provide a variety of services which at times included stocking the stores, delivering goods and assisting with check-out. Plaintiff was paid a flat daily rate. Issue included failure to pay minimum wage, overtime, 2802, meal/rest and failure to maintain compliant pay records.

  • Plaintiff was a driver for a private ambulance response company. Issues included: on-call time, meal/rest, 6 hour meal waiver; off-the-clock, coming and going rule.

  • Entertainment industry; Assistant Movie Editor. Overtime, meal/rest, union issues, promissory estoppel.

  • Plaintiff was a driver for a limousine service. Issues: on-call, waiting time, travel time, meal/rest.

  • Ambulance and Medical Transportation Company. Plaintiff was a licensed EMT. Issues: validity of 24 hour shift schedule; travel time; “Rounding”, sleep time.

  • A 30 year employee working for an international tech company was laid off in a company-wide R.I.F. Thereafter, the employee alleged he was not paid for all hours worked notwithstanding the fact that he submitted his own weekly timecards and was paid based on such timecards.

  • Two former employees sued a small local market alleging they were denied meal/rest breaks because they were often the only employee on duty at certain times during their respective shifts.

  • Equal Pay Act. Female employee with large national sales company alleged male employees systematically had more lucrative commission structures than similarly situated female employees.

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